October 25, 2013

Shopping in New York: Flair

Last month I had about 24 hours in New York to window-shop my little heart out, and it was so fun. Gorgeous weather and caffeine-fueled ogling!

I began my afternoon at La Colombe's cafe in Tribeca, where I sucked this baby down. Several years ago I used to order La Colombe's Nizza blend for the ol' Bialetti, but then realized maybe I shouldn't drink 12 ounces of espresso every morning.

The La Colombe on Church Street is very well-situated, ogling wise, given its proximity to Kirna Zabete, Isabel Marant, and Barney's, but the spot I most enjoyed post-coffee was Flair

If you dig intense black-and-white decor and have serious cash to drop, this is your place. (Lamp above here. Boxes here.)

Crazy Brutalist lamp here.

Bronze sea turtle box here.

I really dig those quartz candleholders, but they're like $600.

Love everything about this: the paintings, the lamp, the box, the generically moody bust (here).

Naked Adonis-type here.

Quartz lamp here. Plaster rhino over here.

Lamps here. Sculpture here.



  1. I love these things at Flair, but all together, they are a little more rich and decadent than my taste can withstand. I think I'd like one or two of the items mixed into a more minimalist overall look. What do you think? I dig the quartz candlesticks, too!

    1. I agree. It's an optical feast but one might not want to come home to a hoard of black, gold, leather, lacquer, and brooding rhinos every single day.